I really enjoyed your class.

You made learning Vietnamese fun.

The lessons are serious, and yet quite relaxed.

I can see that you’re a very caring teacher.

The course materials are very useful, they can easily applied to everyday life’s situation.

The repetitions that you made us do during class were a great way of reinforcing our pronunciation skill.

It helped us feel more comfortable in speaking the language.

At times it can be quite frustrating for both teatcher and students to get the pronunciation right.

So, thank you for your patience and understanding.

I had a love – hate relationship with the computer home-works though.

They were a Royal Pain!!

It took me more than 3 hours to complete my first home-work.

But once I got the hang of it, I actually enjoyed doing the “bài tập” (Exercise).

Now, I can proudly say that I can type in Vietnamese.

Cám ơn Vietnam Language Centre!

 Lyly Wong

* * *

My initial aim was to learn the language up to a sufficient level so as to be able to converse fluently with my wife and her family.

After the 10 lessons under the astute guidance of Mr Le, I have grown to understand and appreciate the language in a wider sense, such as its roots in the Chinese culture and language, and the immense potential and benefits of mastering the language for commercial and business purposes.

The Vietnamese language is similar to the Chinese language in many ways, such as most grammatical structures, proverbs and vocabulary.

It has allowed me to bridge the gap between both languages and spur my interest in learning Vietnamese at a higher level.

Mr Le emphasises on the basics of the Vietnamese language during every lesson, such as the pronunciation and intonation of the various words, allowing the students to build up confidence and interest while learning the language.

The conversation and practice sessions are fun and conducive in helping the students familiarise with the subtleties and nuances in the language.

With consistent revision, the comprehensive tutelage of Mr Le, diligent work on simple assignments and self-learning outside of the scope of the classroom, my journey up the ladder of mastery of the Vietnamese language has been a smooth and fruitful one.

I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who wishes to learn the Vietnamese language for any purpose, be it for business or just purely for personal interest.

 Desmond Chew

 * * *

It’s been a while since completing Basic Vietnamese with you.

Right now, I have difficulties understanding Vietnamese when they speak.

I feel that they speak too fast and I panic when I hear them speak.

The good news is that I can write and read reasonably after your coaching.

In additional, Vietnamese understand what I am saying.

But I hope I will improve and overcome the listening part.

Thank you!

Victor Lim

* * *

Thank you for your patience in teaching me…


* * *

Cám ơn thầy Huy…

Jacqueline Lusb

* * *

Thank you for your efforts in the last 2 months imparting your knowledge on the language and culture of Vietnam.

It had been very interesting and fun for me the last 2 months attending your lessons.

Let’s stay in touch.

Michael Tay

* * *

Mr Huy is a committed teacher who is not only eager to impart his language skills but also the culture of Vietnam.

The class notes are well structured and easy to understand.

This class covers both the verbal and written skills.

The written home-work is challenging and time-consuming but it certainly gets me to revise my notes and further re-enforce my understanding of this language.

I recommend anyone who is interested to learn Vietnamese to attend this class.

Darence Tan

* * *

I started with the Basic course with absolutely no prior knowledge of the Vietnamese language.

I wanted to learn Vietnamese so that it would no longer be so foreign and mysterious.

Mr Le Huu Huy is an engaging and effective teacher.

He brought a well-roundedness to the entire experience of learning Vietnamese.

What I found particularly good about his course is his own-designed Course Material.

Other language courses utilise published textbooks, and those are often highly irrelevant.

Mr Le’s Course Material is concise and logical.

The winner, I believe, is in the Homework.

By spending time on the homework, it forced me revise the class material repeatedly and methodically.

That helped me to remember words and sentence structures.

Of course I will need to keep returning to the homework if I am to retain what I have learnt, but that is the nature of languages.

I cannot wait to start the next level of classes.

Miranda Bien-Lim Walsh

* * *

Good course, dedicated teacher.

Not just did I learn about the language, Huy also taught us about the culture, social and business issues in Viet Nam too.

Yew Jern Low

* * *

Before attending the course, I always find Vietnamese is a hard language to master.

Mr Le, adopt an integrated approach using role plays and other fun interactive activities to broaden my knowledge of Vietnamese language and culture.

I am happy to apply basic Vietnamese during my recent trip to Vietnam.

Thanks for the course and time, Mr Le.

Ben Chua

* * *

I wanted to know how to speak, write and most importantly able read Vietnam words.

Vietnam Language Centre laid the foundation, my tutor, Mr.Le Huu Huy nurtured and guided me and I now have fairly good understanding on this subject.

Victor Lim

* * *

Firstly, let me thank you for your patience and guidance when you had taught us during these few months.

In my opinion, this Vietnam Language Centre is more than a place where you learn a new language.

Mr. Le has actually taken more of his personal time to discuss about various language cultures even after normal lesson timing.

From this point, you will know that Mr. Le is truly a learned gentleman.


KK Chan

* * *

The whole lessons were organised very professional & the content of the lesson were very interesting.

I have gave full recommendation to most of my close friend & working partner to sent their staff to attend the lesson if they are planning to venture in Vietnam.

Boon Chan Neo

* * *

I will never forget the days at the centre where I met all these great bunch of people =)

Of course, learning Vietnamese was an eye opener to this very unique culture.

Carol Chan

* * *

Dear Mr. Le,

I attended your 10-week 30-hour Basic Vietnamese Language course in 2005/2006.

You are certainly a very committed and enthusiastic language teacher.

I thank you very much for the course.

The topics and lesson contents were very suitable for local beginners who will find these useful to conduct simple conversations and make themselves understood on visits or business to Vietnam.

The lesson formats added varieties to lesson presentation.

All participants had the opportunities for interaction and to practise sentence formation.

I found this very useful.

Class participants were given a good insight into this member of the Austro-Asiatic family of languages.

This helped to promote the awareness of the formation of the Vietnamese language.

Asean visitors would certainly find it easy to learn and useful to equip themselves with one more language.

Thank you again for the BASIC you gave me.

Peter Tan

* * *

Programme was well structured, content was sufficient for a beginner.

Enthusiastic teacher!

Michelle Chah

* * *

I benefited a lot from the lessons.

The lectures were well organised and it was conducted in a very conducive environment which encourage everyone to speak and learn the language.

The lecturer is very experience, helpful and encouraging.

Many of my Vietnamese friends and colleagues were surprised that I learnt the language in such a short time.

Lastly, language is long term learning.

Joe Lee

* * *

Wonderful experience with participants and lecturer.

Course was well structured and helped me to progressively understand and appreciate the language.

Thanks VLC.

Steven Chew

* * *

Hyper-committed tutor with plenty of energy and enthusiasm with plenty of involvement from all participants.

Vernon Lee