How to speak vietnamese

Vietnamese is the native language spoken by approximately 85% of the population of Vietnam or about 92 million people as of 2013.

It is also spoken by around three million Vietnamese expatriates. Besides those for whom it is the mother tongue, it is used as a second language by the remaining 15% of the population of Vietnam ie. Chinese, H’Mong, Thai people,…most of whom are ethnic minorities and have developed an internal language among their small group or tribe.

Vietnamese is also spoken at least in a basic, rudimentary form by many of the people in the surrounding countries ie. Laos, Cambodia.

In the United States, the Vietnamese speaking community numbers as many as one million and Vietnamese currently stands as the third most spoken language in the state of Texas.

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You will be surprised to know this fact – Vietnamese is also the fifth most spoken language in California, fourth most spoken language in both Louisiana and Arkansas, and lastly seventh place on a national level in the United States.

Vietnamese also has quite a large number of native speakers in Germany, Australia, Canada, France and the United Kingdom, it is mainly due to the large number of Vietnamese immigrants in these countries over the years since 1975.


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